Monthly Archives: May 2015

Life-long learning: impact on teachers

Teachers were appreciative of the professional development opportunity that we provided, as they were eager to improve their craft. We were pleased to find out that the skills they acquired and practiced through the Science Exploratory Clubs were also applied in their own classrooms, impacting even more students.

“Some questions asked by the students [in the clubs] raised up some ideas that were idle in my mind, and some even required me to [do] research, which shaped me into a better teacher.”

“Since becoming a teacher for Science Club…I am able to explain topics especially in science more clearly than before. My interaction with the students has also improved.”


” I became very confident in teaching science in my own class as a result of the new teaching methods…from the Science [Exploratory] Club”.

Inspiring Video: Unlock the intelligence, passion, greatness of girls

The always courageous Leymah Gbowee lays bare the challenges that young women in Liberia and other parts of rural Africa face, provides them and us a way to realize their common dream, and makes a powerful appeal to us to join her in her journey, in the journey of these girls.

We find inspiration and hope in her words. We hope you do too.

For more inspirational videos about girls’ education, including Malala’s father, who said that enrollment in schools means that a girl “has entered the world of dreams and aspirations”, check out this great playlist from TED.