Sponsor a girl on a field trip!

Our teachers and girls in Pokuase are eager to go on a field trip to the Akosombo Dam before the end of the year. Can you help?


What you can do

This full-day education excursion will cost $20 per person. This will be an all-day trip for the 140 girls and 20 teachers, who are planning the trip. It will take about ~2 hours each way to travel to the Eastern region and back. They need water, food, admission and most importantly, to rent two buses. Fuel cost in Ghana is high right now because of inflation, and it is too far and too many people to take public transportation.

For the cost of a movie, popcorn and a drink, you can sponsor a girl to go see one of the largest reservoirs in their own country and learn about clean water and energy.


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Female students in Ghana

Why this trip?

EDUCATION In this past year or so, Ghana has been suffering from electrical outages that typically lasts from 6-24 hours, seriously impacting livelihoods and daily life. The girls in the club last year have been learning about electricity and energy. This trip will connect what they have learned to the real world and real people.

EXPLORATION The girls have not travelled outside the town of Pokuase much, and have certainly not travelled east to the Volta River, even though they have learnt about that their country has one of the largest reservoirs in the world that was created by the Akosombo Dam.

INSPIRATION We are definitely requesting that they meet female role models on this trip! Those of you who have travelled know how eye-opening a trip to a new locale gives you new perspective about yourself and what you can achieve in the world. Help us give this gift to these amazing young women!

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