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Science is for sharing: stories of impact

We call the Girls Science Exploratory Clubs a transmission project that empowers girls. Here are a few stories that teachers told us about how the girls in Science Exploratory Clubs have been transmitting their excitement about science to their peers and family. We also seem to have a few jokers amongst them! (The responses have been slightly edited for clarity).

Developing the habits of a scientist

One day, a parent came to thank me, for she had realized that the girls’ conversation, interest and desire to study science had exceeded her expectation. Her daughter was standing at a particular place for a long time, and when asked, the girl said that she was studying nature and did not want to be disturbed. A natural scientist, nurtured!

Science is for sharing

Science is now the most interesting subject for these girls (who attend Science Exploratory Clubs) in my school. After they attend club meetings, they go back to teach others in the class. As they do this, teachers find it easier to teach similar topics in science. When they get back home, they teach their siblings and parents.


Science is fun

When girls discovered [in clubs] that when they rub a balloon on their hair and get it close to paper, it attracts, they applied this principle to “steal” their classmates’ money as a form of pulling their legs (a prank)! Everyone had a good laugh.