The African Women Advocacy Project was founded with the goal of serving as a voice and advocate for women's leadership in Africa.


Our Programs include:


First Quarter 2015 Program Report
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Leadership Training
AWAP is creating leadership training modules/curriculums for mid-career women and plans to follow-up with training modules for girls in secondary school and university. We will provide a safe environment for discussion of the problems and issues facing African women, led by women who understand the context and pressures of being female and aspiring for leadership in Africa

Political Training
We are designing specific training for women in political parties in Africa. Additionally, we are acting as consultants to African political parties who are seeking to increase women’s participation within their party.

Advocating to African governments and international aid donors is essential to emphasize women’s issues in all areas to achieve sustainable development. In light of current emphasis on health and education, AWAP maintains an advocacy focus on the importance of women’s political involvement.

In order to monitor progress and measure need, AWAP will continuously conduct data collection and analysis on female leadership in Africa. Having independent and accurate data will allow us to present the importance and need for our leadership and political training, as well as exhibit our progress and achievements.

Publication is integral to advancing our mission. AWAP offers an annual monograph on the status of African women leadership, showcasing our research and achievements. Publications will include data on numbers of women in national political leadership, ministerial and legislature positions per country, in addition to wealth of other information.

STEM Programs: Cultivating the Next Generation
AWAP has identified early exposure and access to quality STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) education as a critical component to expanding women's leadership in Africa. As such, we work with schools and districts to provide teacher training to conduct Girls Science Clubs, and to connect women in STEM to girls. View Program Manager's Report.